Focus on Your Art

Hopefully a new and improved site will be coming later this year. The new direction of the site will be focused solely on showcasing artists from around the web regardless of genre or medium.  It is a desire that this will site function as a source of daily inspiration for artists everywhere.   Best wishes, keep creating and focusing on your art. See you all later this year.




Focus On Your Art

Focus on Your Art is a informative blog by artists for artists.  The goal of this blog is to inform artists of the many online tools and social networks available for expanding your target audience, gaining exposure and increasing sales.  Most of  the artists I know and meet are well versed when it comes to being creative but many are not knowledgeable when it comes to marketing their artwork and establishing techniques to gain exposure. The information presenting here at Focus on Your Art is intended to guide artists who may be struggling to gain sales and exposure or struggling to grasp the importance of social media  and online art opportunities.



At Focus on Your Art we are artists here to help artists reach and grow an audience, sell work, obtain time saving techniques and most importantly keeping your audience engaged in you and your art.



Fell free to reach out with any questions or art submissions by emailing




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